Live Oak Communications | 2016 - 2018

Beginning in the Spring of 2016, I began my 4 semesters at Live Oak Communications, Elon University’s student-run strategic communications agency. During my time there, I was able to work with 4 different North Carolina clients, work within on the internal branding team, and supervise two different team of account executives.


Blue Ribbon DIner + Village Grill | Account supervisor

With the Blue Ribbon Diner and Village Grills loyal customers and specific themes, our focus this semester was to strategically enhance the restaurants’ visual identities while researching the best strategies to showcase these identities to customers.

In order to meet this goal, we completed the following tactics:

  • Worked with the creative team to conduct two photoshoots + design 13 printable table tents to highlight specials + holidays

  • composed 135 social media posts with narratives that included specials, offers, and fan favorites

  • Conducted research to integrate strategies for email marketing, Facebook page integration, and paid media

BRANDING TEAM | branding executive

For my third semester, I worked on the branding team as a Branding executive. Our focus on this team was internal communications and branding the agency for potential clients and the surrounding community. The tactics we completed include:

  • Coordinating + publishing the annual newsletter with content highlighting each account teams goals and successes

  • Creating social content to highlight individual employees + the agency as a whole

  • Coordinating blog post creation on the website

  • Guiding team members on how to brand their Live Oak experience

  • Planning several networking + internal events and covering them on social media

Carolina Farm Trust | Account supervisor

For my second semester, I was named Account Supervisor for agricultural non-profit Carolina Farm Trust with an overall goal of raising awareness within Elon University and on social media. The tactic we completed include

  • Promoting their annual fundraising Carolina Jubilee

  • Planning + executing a social media campaign

  • Collecting content for a website redesign + brochure

  • Drafting emails to send to the Elon University community for future connections

MEl’s GOod TimeS Café | Account Executive

For my first semester at Live Oak Communications, I was employed as an account executive for this New Orlean’s-themed restaurant and bar in Burlington, NC. After meeting with the client, our goal for the semester was to increase restaurant traffic and awareness of the restaurant from Elon University’s campus by connecting with students, faculty, and staff. The tactics we completed include:

  • Conducting interviews + focus groups to learn more about student and faculty eating habits

  • Create a comprehensive social media guide that included engagement, paid media, and other digital advice

  • Create editable Facebook content templates to be used for social advertising