Some Personal Projects | 2015 - Present

My love for content creation + digital strategy began with some of my personal projects! Below, you will find three different digital platforms that I’ve used to continuing learning, growing + developing my digital skillset.

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For almost 10 years, I’ve constantly been logging in, looking for different content strategies and staying in the know about everchanging platforms of digital media. Nowadays, I’m creating personal content as @feistyfletch. With 7,000+ followers across my social media accounts, I’ve always enjoyed documenting my travels and experiences while keeping up with important news, the latest memes, and digital media updates. Check out my social media accounts here:

Starting September of 2015, I started developing this website as my little corner of the web. It quickly became a place where I told my story in numerous ways, such as Youtube videos, Q+A’s, and personal blog posts. I was able to showcase what exactly makes me “feisty” — here are links to some of my favorites:


This project came about when I realized that one of my favorite things is hearing people speak about something that they sincerely enjoy. Whether I'm personally interested in what they're talking about or not, I just love when people have that thing that keeps them going. With that in mind, Passion Preview was born!

My goal is to create a digital community where people can find others with the same passions and connect through them.

Check out the website here.